Heratythrips sauli

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Nomenclatural details

Heratythrips sauli Mound & Marullo, 1999: 89.

Biology and Distribution

Described from southern California on Coleogyne sp. (Rosaceae); subsequently recorded from Coleogyne ramosissima in Arizona and Nevada.


Mound LA & Marullo R (1999) Two new basal-clade Thysanoptera from California with Old World affinities. Journal of the New York entomological Society 106: 81-94.

Wiesenborn WD (2021) New distribution records of Heratythrips sauli Mound & Marullo, 1998 (Thysanoptera: Stenurothripidae), with description of the first known adult male. Pan-Pacific Entomologist 97 (1): 7-11.

Type Information

Holotype female, California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco.