Haplothrips (Trybomiella) robustus

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Nomenclatural details

Haplothrips robustus Bagnall, 1918: 209.

Haplothrips melanoceratus Bagnall, 1918: 210. Synonymised by Mound (1968: 116).

Haplothrips sesuvii Priesner, 1933: 363. Synonymised by Mound & Matsunaga (2017: 88).

Biology and Distribution

Described from Adelaide, South Australia on Acacia myrtifolia or Epachris impressa (H. robustus) and Mesembryanthemum flowers (H. melanoceratus); sesuvii from Java, Indonesia in flowers of Sesuvium portulacastrum..


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Type information

Holotype females of robustus and melanoceratus in The Natural History Museum, London. Lectotype female of sesuvii in Senckenberg Museum, Frankfurt.