Haplothrips (Haplothrips) ganglbaueri

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Nomenclatural details

Haplothrips ganglbaueri Schmutz, 1913: 1034.

Haplothrips vernoniae Priesner, 1921: 4.

Zygothrips andhra Ramakrishna, 1928: 290.

Haplothrips priesnerianus Bagnall, 1933: 327.

Haplothrips tolerabilis Priesner, 1936: 96.

Biology and Distribution

Described from Sri Lanka (H. ganglbaueri, Z. andhra), India on flowers of Lantana sp. (H. priesnerianus), Sudan on Cymbopogon nervatus (H. tolerabilis) and Java, Indonesia (H. vernoniae). Recorded from Japan (Okajima, 2006).


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Type information

Syntypes (H. vernoniae), Senckenberg Museum, Frankfurt.

Lectotype male (H. priesnerianus), The Natural History Museum, London.