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Genus information

Glyptothrips Hood, 1912: 116. Type species Glyptothrips flavescens Hood, 1912, by monotypy.

Erkosothrips Stannard, 1955: 81. Type species Erkosothrips interior Stannard, 1955, by original designation. Synonym by Mound, 1977.

Biology and Distribution

Neotropical genus of leaf-litter species.


Hood JD (1912) A new genus and three new species of North American Thysanoptera. Psyche. 19: 113–118.

Stannard LJ (1955) On some reticulate-headed genera of the tribe Glyptothripini Priesner (Thysanoptera: Phlaeothripidae). Transactions of the American Entomological Society 81: 77-101.


Glyptothrips arkansanus Hood, 1957

Glyptothrips bucca (Hood, 1957)

Glyptothrips claviger (Hood, 1941)

Glyptothrips divergens (Hood, 1957)

Glyptothrips flavescens Hood, 1912

Glyptothrips floridensis (Stannard, 1955)

Glyptothrips fuscipes (Hood, 1954)

Glyptothrips hylaeus (Hood, 1950)

Glyptothrips interior (Stannard, 1955)

Glyptothrips longiceps (Hood, 1954)

Glyptothrips reticulatus Watson, 1934

Glyptothrips saltuarius (Hood, 1957)

Glyptothrips silvaticus (Hood, 1957)

Glyptothrips subcalvus (Hood, 1954)