Frankliniella cephalica

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Frankliniella cephalica antennal segments I-III [L A Mound]
Frankliniella cephalica antennae [L A Mound]

Nomenclatural details

Euthrips cephalica Crawford DL, 1910: 135.

Biology and Distribution

Described from Mexico. Widespread in the Caribbean on flowers. Recorded from Okinawa, Japan from Bidens flower and Taiwan from grass, Cascuta, Mikania and Miscanthus.


Crawford DL (1910) Thysanoptera of Mexico and the south II. Pomona College Journal of Entomology 2: 153–170.

Mound LA & Marullo R (1996) The Thrips of Central and South America: An Introduction. Memoirs on Entomology, International 6: 1–488.

Type information