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Genus information

Eurynothrips Bagnall, 1908: 199. Type species Eurynothrips magnicollis Bagnall, 1908, by original designation.

Biology and Distribution

Includes two species, reputed to be from Australia.


Bagnall RS (1908) On some new genera and species of Thysanoptera. Transactions of the Natural History Society of Northumberland 3: 183–217. Mound LA (1968) A review of R.S. Bagnall's Thysanoptera collections. Bulletin of the British Museum (Natural History). Entomology Supplement 11: 1-181.

Mound LA & Tree DJ (2021) Eurynothrips Bagnall (Thysanoptera, Phlaeothripinae): a rare and long-lost Australian genus, with one new gall-inducing species. Zootaxa 5005 (3): 251–256.


Eurynothrips laheyi Mound & Tree, 2021

Eurynothrips magnicollis Bagnall, 1908