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Genus information

Eugynothrips Priesner, 1926: 157. Type species Cryptothrips conocephali Karny 1913, by subsequent designation of Brothers & Mound (1985).

Eugynothrips (Loepothrips) Priesner, 1952: 200. Type species Dolerothrips coarctatus Karny 1915, by original designation.

Biology and Distribution

South east Asian genus from Indonesia with some species from India.


Priesner H (1926) Die Jugendstadien der malayischen Thysanopteren. Treubia 8 (suppl): 1–264.

Priesner H (1952) On some new genera and species of Thysanoptera from the Oriental region. Indian Journal of Entomology 13: 183-200.

Bhatti JS (1993) List of world genera of the order Tubulifera (Insecta). Zoology (Journal of Pure and Applied Zoology) 3: 241-271.



Eugynothrips (Loepothrips) coarctatus (Karny, 1915)

Eugynothrips (Loepothrips) intorquens (Karny, 1912)

Eugynothrips (Loepothrips) persimilis (Karny, 1913)

Eugynothrips (Loepothrips) tubifex (Karny, 1915)


Eugynothrips (Eugynothrips) adulator Priesner, 1953

Eugynothrips (Eugynothrips) brevisetis (Priesner, 1930)

Eugynothrips (Eugynothrips) conocephali (Karny, 1913)

Eugynothrips (Eugynothrips) convolvens (Karny, 1916)

Eugynothrips (Eugynothrips) decipiens (Karny, 1915)

Eugynothrips (Eugynothrips) manubrialis Priesner, 1953

Eugynothrips (Eugynothrips) pachypus (Karny, 1913)

Eugynothrips (Eugynothrips) priesneri Ramakrishna, 1928

Eugynothrips (Eugynothrips) seticornis (Karny, 1915)

Eugynothrips (Eugynothrips) sumatranus Priesner, 1953

Eugynothrips (Eugynothrips) susicola Priesner, 1953

Eugynothrips (Eugynothrips) umbricornis Priesner, 1953