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Genus information

Eryngyothrips Bhatti, 1979: 398. Type species Oxythrips eryngi Priesner 1946, by original designation.

Biology and Distribution

From Mediterranean countries, in flowers.


Bhatti JS (1979) Eryngyothrips n. gen., with three species including a new one from Turkey. Senckenbergiana biologica 59: 389-397.


Eryngyothrips banihashemii Minaei, Alavi, Fekrat & Aleosfoor, 2014

Eryngyothrips discolor Bhatti, 1979

Eryngyothrips eryngii (Priesner, 1940)

Eryngyothrips ferulae (Priesner, 1933)

Eryngyothrips nickelae (zur Strassen, 1968)

Eryngyothrips veisii Mirab-balou, 2015