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Genus information

Liothrips (Epiliothrips) Priesner, 1965: 390. Type species Gynaikothrips willcocksi Bagnall 1921, by original designation from two species.

Biology and Distribution

Two leaf-feeding species from northeast Africa are placed in this genus.


Priesner H (1965) A monograph of the Thysanoptera of the Egyptian deserts. Publications de l’Institut Desert d’Egypte 13: 1-549.

zur Strassen R (1970) Eine neue Liothrips-Art aus Aethiopien (Thysanoptera). Bulletin de l'Institut Fondamental de l'Afrique Noire (A) 32: 824-831.


Epiliothrips postocularis (Karny, 1925)

Epiliothrips willcocksi (Bagnall, 1921)