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Genus information

Eothrips Hood, 1915: 106. Type species Dolerothrips crassicornis Karny 1912, by original designation.

Biology and Distribution

An Asian genus of leaf-feeding species.


Hood JD (1915) Hoplothrips corticis: a problem in nomenclature. The Entomologist 1915: 102-107.


Eothrips annulicornis (Karny, 1913)

Eothrips citritibia (Moulton, 1940)

Eothrips coimbatorensis Ramakrishna, 1928

Eothrips connaticornis (Karny, 1913)

Eothrips crassicornis (Karny, 1912)

Eothrips distinctus Ananthakrishnan, 1967

Eothrips gemmiperda (Karny, 1915)

Eothrips gneticola (Karny, 1915)

Eothrips laticauda (Karny, 1912)

Eothrips laticeps Karny, 1922

Eothrips schouteniae Karny, 1922

Eothrips sirumalaiensis Ananthakrishnan, 1968

Eothrips trybomi (Karny, 1913)