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Genus information

Ecacanthothrips Bagnall, 1909: 348. Type species Acanthothrips sanguineus Bagnall, 1908, by monotypy.

Ormothrips Buffa, 1909: 166. Type species Ormothrips inermis Buffa, 1909, by monotypy. Synonymised by Bagnall, 1911: 464.

Biology and Distribution

Genus of fungus-feeding species from tropical Asia to Australia.


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Ecacanthothrips andrei Palmer & Mound, 1978

Ecacanthothrips claricornis Okajima, 1983

Ecacanthothrips coniger Priesner, 1930

Ecacanthothrips inarmatus Kurosawa, 1932

Ecacanthothrips kolibaci Pelikan, 2000

Ecacanthothrips leai Moulton, 1947

Ecacanthothrips moundi Okajima, 2006

Ecacanthothrips nigellus Okajima, 1983

Ecacanthothrips spinipes (Bagnall, 1908)

Ecacanthothrips tenuicornis Okajima, 1983

Ecacanthothrips tibialis (Ashmead, 1905)