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Genus information

Docessissophothrips Bagnall, 1908: 201. Type species Docessissophothrips ampliceps Bagnall 1908, by monotypy.

Polyphemothrips Schmutz, 1909: 276. Type species Polyphemothrips brasiliensis Schmutz 1909, by monotypy. Synonymised by Mound & Palmer, 1983: 92.

Biology and Distribution

Fungus feeding, mostly neotropical species. Also from southern USA.


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Docessissophothrips ampliceps Bagnall, 1908

Docessissophothrips bonfilsi Bournier, 1992

Docessissophothrips brasiliensis (Schmutz, 1909)

Docessissophothrips corticis (Hood, 1914)

Docessissophothrips cuneatus (Hood, 1939)

Docessissophothrips dotatus (Hood, 1955)

Docessissophothrips major Bagnall, 1912

Docessissophothrips rufescens Johansen & Retana, 1999

Docessissophothrips tenuiceps Hood, 1937

Docessissophothrips tibialis (Hood & Williams, 1915)

Docessissophothrips travassosi (Hood, 1949)

Docessissophothrips villicornis (Hood, 1949)

Docessissophothrips woytkowskyi (Hood, 1937)

Docessissophothrips yupanqui (Hood, 1937)