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Genus information

Danothrips Bhatti, 1971: 337. Type species Danothrips setifer Bhatti, 1971, by monotypy.

Biology and Distribution

From southeast Asia.


Bhatti JS (1971) A new Chaetanaphothrips-like genus from South India, with a redefinition of Chaetanaphothrips. Oriental Insects 5: 337–343.

Bhatti JS (1980) Revision of Danothrips, with descriptions of two new species. Journal of Natural History 14: 547-558.


Danothrips alis Bhatti, 1980

Danothrips litseae Tyagi, Singha & Kumar, 2017

Danothrips moundi Bhatti, 1980

Danothrips sakimori Kudo, 1985

Danothrips sakimurai Chen, 1979

Danothrips salicis Li, Xie & Zhang, 2016

Danothrips setifer Bhatti, 1971

Danothrips theifolii (Karny, 1921)

Danothrips theivorus (Karny, 1921)

Danothrips trifasciatus Sakimura, 1975

Danothrips vicinus Chen, 1979