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Genus information

Cricothrips Trybom, 1912: 2. Type species Cricothrips karnyi Trybom, 1913, by monotypy.

Plesiopsothrips Hood, 1956: 64. Type species Plesiopsothrips trinidadensis Hood, 1956by monotypy.

Moundiella Bournier & Bournier, 1988: 67. Type species Moundiella bourbonensis Bournier & Bournier, 1988, by original designation.

Biology and Distribution

Tropical genus, associated with mosses.


Trybom F (1912) Physapoden aus natal und dem Zululande. Arkiv för Zoologi 7(33): 1–52.

Hood JD (1956) A new genus and species of Thripidae (Thysanoptera) from Trinidad. Proceedings of the entomological Society of London B 25: 64–66.

Bournier A & Bournier J-P (1988) Nouvelles espèces muscicoles de La Reunion, II (Thysanoptera, Thripidae). Nouvelle Revue d'Entomologie 5: 67–78.


Cricothrips bourbonensis (Bournier & Bournier, 1988)

Cricothrips flavicollis (Bournier & Bournier, 1988)

Cricothrips karnyi Trybom, 1912

Cricothrips trinidadensis (Hood, 1956)