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Genus information

Craspedothrips zur Strassen, 1966: 444. Type species Physothrips hargreavesi Karny 1925, by monotypy.

Toxothrips Bhatti, 1967: 16. Type species Toxothrips ricinus Bhatti, 1967, by monotypy.

Tsengothrips Chen, 1976: 107. Type species Tsengothrips plumosa Chen, 1976, by monotypy. Synonymised by Bhatti, 1990: 222

Craspedothrips (Antenothrips) Bhatti, 1995: 76. Type species Physothrips antennatus Bagnall 1914, by original designation.

Biology and Distribution

Old World tropics.


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Craspedothrips antennalis (Karny, 1915)

Craspedothrips antennatus (Bagnall, 1914)

Craspedothrips ghesquierei (Priesner, 1937)

Craspedothrips hargreavesi (Karny, 1925)

Craspedothrips malaysiae Mound, Masumoto & Okajima, 2012

Craspedothrips minor (Bagnall, 1921)

Craspedothrips nyanzai Mound, Masumoto & Okajima, 2012

Craspedothrips poecilus Mound, Masumoto & Okajima, 2012

Craspedothrips reticulatus Mound, Masumoto & Okajima, 2012

Craspedothrips xanthocerus (Hood, 1916)