Compsothrips ramamurthii

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Nomenclatural details

Oedaleothrips ramamurthii Ananthakrishnan, 1964: 111.

Oedaleothrips ramamurthii bicolor Ananthakrishnan,1966: 11.

Oedaleothrips ramamurthii indicus Ananthakrishnan, 1973: 120 Replacement name for bicolor Ananthakrishnan nec bicolor Priesner, 1921).

Biology and Distribution

Described from Kalahasti (O. ramamurthii) and Tirumalai Tirupathi (O. ramamurthii bicolor), India.


Ananthakrishnan TN (1964) A contribution to our knowledge of the Tubulifera (Thysanoptera) from India. Opuscula Entomologica 25 (Supplement): 1–120.

Ananthakrishnan TN (1966) Thysanopterologica Indica - IV. Bulletin of Entomology, India 7: 1–12.

Ananthakrishnan TN (1973) Mycophagous Tubulifera of India. Occasional Publications, Entomological Research Unit, Loyola College 2: 1-144.

Mound LA & Palmer JM (1983) The generic and tribal classification of spore-feeding Thysanoptera (Phlaeothripidae: Idolothripinae). Bulletin of the British Museum (Natural History). Entomology 46: 1-174. See also: [1]

Type information

Syntypes, Indian Agricultural Research Institute, Delhi.