Ceratothrips ericae

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Ceratothrips ericae.jpg

Nomenclatural details

Thrips ericae Haliday, 1836: 448.

Oxythrips parviceps Uzel, 1895: 139.

Thrips piceicornis Reuter, 1899: 60.

Ceratothrips trybomi Reuter, 1899: 65.

Amblythrips ericae Bagnall, 1911: 4.

Oxythrips brevicollis Bagnall, 1911: 6.

Oxythrips pallens Priesner, 1919: 89.

Amblythrips ericicola Bagnall, 1927: 573.

Taeniothrips adusta Maltbaek, 1929: 376.

Amblythrips remaudierei Bournier, 1975: 137.

Biology and Distribution

Described from England (T. ericae, O. brevicollis, A. ericae), Finland (T. piceicornis), former Czechoslovakia (O. parviceps), Denmark (T. adusta), former Yugoslavia (O. pallens), Sweden (C. trybomi) and France (A. remaudierei, A. ericicola). Breeding in the flowers of Erica and Calluna (Hagerup & Hagerup, 1953).


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Type information

Holotype (A. ericicola), The Natural History Museum, London.

Holotype (O. brevicollis), The Natural History Museum, London.

Syntype (A. ericae), The Natural History Museum, London.

Holotype (A. remaudierei), Museum National d'Histoire Naturelle, Paris.