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Genus information

Bregmatothrips Hood, 1912: 66. Type species Bregmatothrips venustus Hood, 1912, by original designation.

Limocercyothrips Watson, 1926: 9. Type species Limocercyothrips bicolor Watson, 1926, by monotypy. Synonymised by Priesner 1949: 135.

Poethrips Faure, 1933: 3. Type species Poethrips furcatus Faure, 1933, by monotypy. Synonymised by Bhatti 1984: 89.

Neolimothrips Shumsher, 1942: 118. Type species Neolimothrips brachycephalus Shumsher, 1942, by monotypy. Synonymised by Mound 1968: 28.

Biology and Distribution

Living on Poaceae, possibly Old World in origin.


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Bregmatothrips australis Mound, 2011

Bregmatothrips binervis (Kobus, 1893)

Bregmatothrips bournieri Pelikan, 1988

Bregmatothrips brachycephalus (Shumsher, 1942)

Bregmatothrips dimorphus (Priesner, 1919)

Bregmatothrips furcatus (Faure, 1933)

Bregmatothrips piceus zur Strassen, 1993

Bregmatothrips ramani Rachana & Varatharajan, 2017

Bregmatothrips sinensis Wang & Tong, 2016

Bregmatothrips venustus Hood, 1912

Bregmatothrips willcocksi (Priesner, 1939)