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Genus information

Bravothrips Johansen, 1986: 94. Type species Bravothrips daturae Johansen, 1986, by original designation.

Biology and Distribution

Central America, in flowers.


Johansen RM (1986) Un genero nuevo Mexicano, afin al comlejo generico Megalurothrips (Thysanoptera; Thripidae). Anales del Instituto de Biologia. Universidad Nacional de Mexico 57: 93–112.

Mound LA & Marullo R (1996) The Thrips of Central and South America: An Introduction. Memoirs on Entomology, International 6: 1–488.


Bravothrips daturae Johansen, 1986

Bravothrips kraussi (Crawford JC, 1948)

Bravothrips mexicanus (Priesner, 1933)

Bravothrips tibialis (Crawford JC, 1948)