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Genus information

Bradythrips Hood & Williams, in Hood, 1925: 68. Type species Bradythrips hesperus Hood & Williams, in Hood 1925, by monotypy.

Biology and Distribution

Species from Neotropical and Oriental regions are placed in this genus.


Hood JD (1925) New neotropical Thysanoptera collected by C.B. Williams. Psyche 32: 48–69.

Mound LA (1972) Species complexes and the generic classification of leaf-litter thrips of the Tribe Urothripini (Phlaeothripidae). Australian Journal of Zoology 20: 83-103.


Bradythrips anteromarginalis Okajima & Urushihara, 1995

Bradythrips fuscus Okajima, 1987

Bradythrips hesperus Hood & Williams, 1925

Bradythrips malayanus Okajima & Urushihara, 1995

Bradythrips philippinensis Okajima, 1982

Bradythrips zhangi Wang & Tong, 2007