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Genus information

Bolacothrips Uzel, 1895: 211. Type species Bolacothrips jordani Uzel, 1895, by monotypy.

Bolacidothrips Priesner, 1930: 6. Type species Bolacidothrips graminis Priesner, 1930, by monotypy. Synonymy in Bhatti, 1983: 489.

Biology and Distribution

Old World genus, on Poaceae.


Uzel H (1895) Monographie der Ordnung Thysanoptera. Königratz, Bohemia: pp. 1–472.

Priesner H (1930) Contribution towards a knowledge of the Thysanoptera of Egypt, III. Bulletin de la Societe Royale entomologique d'Egypte 14: 6–15.

Bhatti JS (1983) Revision of Thrips species described by Schmutz. Annalen des Naturhistorischen Museums in Wien 84 B: 479-507.


Bolacothrips africanus Faure, 1942

Bolacothrips bicolor Ananthakrishnan, 1960

Bolacothrips continuus (Karny, 1925)

Bolacothrips evittatus (Sakimura, 1958)

Bolacothrips eximius (zur Strassen, 1993)

Bolacothrips faurei Bhatti, 1983

Bolacothrips graminis (Priesner, 1930)

Bolacothrips indicus (Ananthakrishnan, 1966)

Bolacothrips jordani Uzel, 1895

Bolacothrips kobusi (Deventer, 1906)

Bolacothrips pulcher (Girault, 1929)

Bolacothrips striatopennatus (Schmutz, 1913)

Bolacothrips yasuakii Masumoto & Okajima, 2002