Bathrips melanicornis

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Bathrips melanicornis Female [L A Mound]
Bathrips melanicornis Female, pronotum [L A Mound]
Bathrips melanicornis Female, mesonotum and metanotum [L A Mound]

Nomenclatural details

Taeniothrips melanicornis Shumsher, 1946: 179.

Taeniothrips ipomoeae Zhang, 1981: 324. Synonymised by Mirab-balou, Yang & Tong, 2012: 87.

Biology and Distribution

Described from Mandalay, Myanmar (T. melanicornis) and from Guangdong, China (T. ipomoeae) Recorded from India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, East Timor and Australia.


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Mirab-Balou M, Yang SL & Tong XL (2012) Bathrips in China (Thysanoptera: Thripidae), with a new record and new synonym. Zootaxa 3571: 87-88.

Type information

Holotype (T. ipomoeae), Southern China Agricultural University, Guangzhou.