Bactrothrips brevitubus

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Nomenclatural details

Bactrothrips (Bactridothrips) brevitubus Takahashi, 1935: 61.

Gigantothrips harukawai Kurosawa, 1957: 95. Synonymised by Haga & Okajima, 1989: 4.

Meiothrips (Aculeathrips) baishanzuensis Duan & Li, 1995: 211. Synonymised by Dang & Qiao, 2012: 50.

Biology and Distribution

Described from Japan. Widespread in evergreen broad-leaved forests of southwestern Japan on Castanopsis cuspidata, C. sieboldii, Quercus glauca, Q. ssalicina, Cinnamomum camphora, C. japonicum, Machilus japonica, M. thunbergii, Neolitsea sericea etc.; M. baishanzuensis described from Zhejiang, China.


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Type information

Holotype male, Department of Agricultural Research, Taipei. Holotype female of baishanzuensis, in Baotou Landscape Research Institute, Inner Mongolia.