Anaphothrips obscurus

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Nomenclatural details

Thrips obscura Muller, 1776: 96.

Limothrips poaphagus Comstock, 1875: 120.

Thrips striata Osborn, 1883: 155.

Anaphothrips virgo Uzel, 1895: 148.

Anaphothrips obscurus f. collaris Priesner, 1926: 185.

Anaphothrips obscurus f. grisea Priesner, 1926: 185.

Anaphothrips 6-guttus Girault, 1928: 1.

Anaphothrips discrepans Bagnall, 1933: 651.

Biology and Distribution

Described from Austria (A. collaris), Arcachon, France on Juncus sp. (A. discrepans), Queensland, Australia (A. sexguttus), Czech Republic (A. virgo), New York USA (L. poaphagus), Iowa USA (T. striata) and Denmark (T. obscurus).


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Type information

Lectotype female (A. discrepans), The Natural History Museum, London.