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Genus information

Ambaeolothrips Mound, Cavalleri, O’Donnell, Infante, Ortiz & Goldarazena, 2016: 415. Type species Aeolothrips romanruizi Ruiz-De la Cruz et al. by original designation.

Biology and Distribution

A Neotropical genus, probably phytophagous in flowers and on leaves.


Mound LA, Cavalleri A, O’Donnell CH, Infante F, Ortiz A & Goldarazena A (2016) Ambaeolothrips: a new genus of Neotropical Aeolothripidae (Thysanoptera), with observations on the type-species from mango trees in Mexico. Zootaxa 4132: 413–421.


Ambaeolothrips microstriatus (Hood, 1935)

Ambaeolothrips pampeanus Mound et al., 2016

Ambaeolothrips romanruizi (Ruiz-De la Cruz et al., 2013)