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Linear sculpture on metanotum of Allelothrips species

Genus information

Allelothrips Bagnall, 1932: 288. Type species Allelothrips cincticornis Bagnall, by monotypy.

Arhipidothrips Bagnall, 1932: 293. Type species Arhipidothrips tenuicornis Bagnall, by monotypy. Synonymised by Stannard, 1961: 9.

Pseudoaeolothrips Bagnall, 1932: 290. Type species Pseudaeolothrips cameroni Bagnall, by monotypy. Synonymised by Stannard, 1961: 9.

Biology and Distribution

Mainly African, with one species from India, these thrips live on leaves and grasses and are ant mimics in their behaviour.


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Allelothrips brunneus (Faure, 1941)

Allelothrips cameroni (Bagnall, 1932)

Allelothrips cincticornis Bagnall, 1932

Allelothrips pandyani (Ramakrishna & Margabandhu, 1931)

Allelothrips talithae (Faure, 1941)

Allelothrips tenuicornis (Bagnall, 1932)

Allelothrips vilardeboi (Bournier & Bournier, 1979)