Aleurodothrips fasciapennis

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Female and male

Nomenclatural details

Cryptothrips fasciapennis Franklin, 1908: 727.

Cephalothrips spinosus Bagnall, 1909: 174.

Aleurodothrips fasciiventris Girault, 1927: 2. Synonymised by Mound & Walker, 1987: 78.

Biology and Distribution

Described from the West Indies (C. fasciapennis), Belgium (C. spinosus) and Australia, on lemon (A. fasciiventris). Recorded from Japan (Okajima, 2006). Predator of scale insect and white fly (Okajima, 2006).


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Type information

Holotype male (C. spinosus), The Natural History Museum, London.

Syntype, (A. fasciiventris), Queensland Museum, Brisbane.