Aeolothrips kuwanaii

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Nomenclatural details

Aeolothrips kuwanaii Moulton, 1907: 47.

Aeolothrips kuwanaii var. robustus Moulton, 1907: 47.

Aeolothrips longiceps Crawford DL, 1909: 101.

Biology and Distribution

Described from California USA and found in the flowers of many plant species, kuwanaii has been reported from Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Oregon, Washington and British Columbia, Canada.


Moulton D (1907) A contribution to our knowledge of the Thysanoptera of California. Technical series, USDA Bureau of Entomology 12/3: 39–68.

Crawford DL (1910) Thysanoptera of Mexico and the south II. Pomona College Journal of Entomology 2: 153–170.

Hoddle HS, Mound LA & Paris D (2012) Thrips of California 2012. [1]

Type information

Holotype female (A. kuwanii robustus), California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco.

Lectotype female (A. kuwanii), California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco.