Aeolothrips kurosawai

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Nomenclatural details

Aeolothrips conjunctus Kurosawa, 1968: 11. (79 in English.)

Aeolothrips kurosawai Bhatti, 1971: 85. Replacement name for conjunctus Kurosawa not coniunctus Priesner, 1914.

Biology and Distribution

Described from Kotoni, Hokkaido, Japan from oat.


Kurosawa M (1968) Thysanoptera of Japan. Insecta Matsumurana Supplement 4: 1-93.

Bhatti JS (1971) Studies on some aeolothripids (Thysanoptera). Oriental Insects 5: 83–90.

Type information

Holotype female, National Institute of Agricultural Science, Tokyo.