Aeolothrips albicinctus

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A albicinctus Female

Nomenclatural details

Aeolothrips albicinctus Haliday, 1836: 451.

Aeolothrips albicinctus f. flavithorax Priesner, 1926: 102.

Biology and Distribution

Described from England, and the synonym from Austria, this ground-living species is widespread across the Holarctic region.


Haliday AH (1836) An epitome of the British genera in the Order Thysanoptera with indications of a few of the species. Entomological Magazine 3: 439–451.

Priesner H (1926) Die Thysanopteren Europas. Abteilung I-II. Wien: F. Wagner Verlag. pp. 1–342.

Hoddle HS, Mound LA & Paris D (2012) Thrips of California 2012. [1]

Type information

Type depositary not known.