Aduncothrips asiaticus

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Nomenclatural details

Erythrothrips asiaticus Ramakrishna & Margabandhu, 1931: 1029.

Aduncothrips asiaticus (Ramakrishna & Margabandhu) Bhatti, 1990: 210

Biology and Distribution

Known only from India, presumably predatory, possibly living in trees.


Ramakrishna TV & Margabandhu V (1931) Notes on Indian Thysanoptera with brief descriptions of new species. Journal of the Bombay Natural History Society 34: 1025–1040.

Bhatti JS (1990) Catalogue of insects of the Order Terebrantia from the Indian Subregion. Zoology (Journal of Pure and Applied Zoology) 2: 205-352.

Type information

Type depositary not known.