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Genus information

Adrothrips Moulton, 1942: 4. Type species Adrothrips aureus Moulton 1942, by monotypy.

Biology and Distribution

From Australia, on Casuarina trees.


Moulton D (1942) Seven new genera of Thysanoptera from Australia and New Zealand. Bulletin of the Southern California Academy of Science 41: 1–13.

Mound LA (1970) Convoluted maxillary stylets and the systematics of some Phlaeothripine Thysanoptera from Casuarina trees in Australia. Australian Journal of Zoology 18: 439-463.


Adrothrips akanthus Mound, 1970

Adrothrips aureus Moulton, 1942

Adrothrips cotteri Mound, 1970

Adrothrips intermedius (Bianchi, 1945)

Adrothrips systenus Mound, 1970