† Eocranothrips annulicornis

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Nomenclatural details

Melanothrips annulicornis Bagnall, 1923: 36.

Eocranothrips compacticornis Schliephake, 1999: 85. Synonymised by Ulitzka, 2016: 208.

Eocranothrips leptocerus Schliephake, 1999: 86. Synonymised by Ulitzka, 2016: 208.

Biology and Distribution

Fossil in Baltic Amber.


Bagnall RS (1923) Fossil Thysanoptera I, Terebrantia Pt. I. Entomologist's monthly Magazine 59: 35–38.

Bagnall RS (1926) Fossil Thysanoptera IV. Melanothripidae. Entomologist's monthly Magazine 60: 16–17.

Schliephake G (1999) Fossil thrips ( Thysanoptera, Insecta ) of the Baltic ( North-and Baltic Sea ) and Saxonian (Bitterfeldian ) Tertiary Amber from the Collections of Hoffeins. Mitteilungen aus dem Museum fur Naturkunde in Berlin, Deutsche Entomologische Zeitschrift 46(1): 83-100.

Ulitzka M (2016) Revision of the fossil Melanthripidae from Baltic Tertiary (Eocene) amber including a new genus (Insecta: Thysanoptera). Entomologische Zeitschrift 127 (4): 205-212.

Type information

Holotype female, The Natural History Museum, London.

Holotype male compacticornis, in Hoffeins collection, Hamburg.

Holotype female leptocerus, in Hoffeins collection, Hamburg.