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Genus information

Solomonthrips Mound, 1970: 104. Type species Solomonthrips greensladei Mound, 1970, by original designation.

Biology and Distribution

Indonesia, Solomon Islands and Australia, in leaf-litter.


Mound LA (1970) Thysanoptera from the Solomon Islands. Bulletin of the British Museum (Natural History) Entomology 24: 83–126.


Solomonthrips australiensis Okajima, 1982

Solomonthrips brooksi Okajima, 1982

Solomonthrips fimbrii Mound, 1970

Solomonthrips greensladei Mound, 1970

Solomonthrips indonesiensis Okajima, 1982

Solomonthrips intermedius Mound, 1970

Solomonthrips setifer Mound, 1970

Solomonthrips striatus Mound, 1970

Solomonthrips vanuaensis Moulton, 1944