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Genus information

Rhopalothripoides Bagnall, 1929: 174. Type species Rhopalothrips brunneus Bagnall 1916, by original designation.

Froggattothrips Bagnall, 1929: 175. Type species Froggattothrips acaciae Bagnall 1929, by original designation. Synonymised by Mound, 1968: 148.

Biology and Distribution

From Australia, on Acacia trees.


Bagnall RS (1929) On a group of minute Australian Thysanoptera (Tubulifera) and their association with the so-called leaf-glands of Acacia. Transactions of the entomological Society of London 77: 171–176.

Mound LA (1968) A review of R.S. Bagnall's Thysanoptera collections. Bulletin of the British Museum (Natural History). Entomology Supplement 11: 1-181.

Crespi BJ, Morris DC & Mound LA (2004) Evolution of ecological and behavioural diversity: Australian Acacia thrips as model organisms. Australian Biological Resources Study & Australian National Insect Collection, CSIRO, Canberra, Australia, pp. 1–328.


Rhopalothripoides colus Crespi, Morris & Mound, 2004

Rhopalothripoides disbamatus Crespi, Morris & Mound, 2004

Rhopalothripoides froggatti (Bagnall, 1916)

Rhopalothripoides luteus Crespi, Morris & Mound, 2004

Rhopalothripoides pickardii Crespi, Morris & Mound, 2004

Rhopalothripoides victoriae Crespi, Morris & Mound, 2004