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Genus information

Phibalothrips Hood, 1918: 125. Type species Phibalothrips exilis Hood, 1918, synonym of Heliothrips longiceps Karny, by monotypy.

Reticulothrips Faure, 1925: 144. Type species Reticulothrips peringueyi Faure, 1925, by monotypy. Synonymy in Jacot-Guillarmod, 1937.

Biology and Distribution

From Old World tropics, on Poaceae.


Hood JD (1918) New genera and species of Australian Thysanoptera. Memoirs of the Queensland Museum 6: 121–150.

Faure JC (1925) A new genus and five new species of South African Thysanoptera. South African Journal of Natural History 5: 143–166.


Phibalothrips dispar zur Strassen, 1974

Phibalothrips longiceps (Karny, 1913)

Phibalothrips peringueyi (Faure, 1925)

Phibalothrips rugosus Kudo, 1979