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Genus information

Panchaetothrips Bagnall, 1912: 258. Type species Panchaetothrips indicus Bagnall, 1912, by monotypy.

Biology and Distribution

Leaf-feeding species from Old World tropics.


Bagnall RS (1912) On a new genus of Indian thrips (Thysanoptera) injurious to Turmeric. Records of the Indian Museum 7: 257–260.


Panchaetothrips bifurcus Mirab-balou & Tong, 2016

Panchaetothrips holtmanni Wilson, 1975

Panchaetothrips indicus Bagnall, 1912

Panchaetothrips kikiri Kudo, 1992

Panchaetothrips noxius Priesner, 1937

Panchaetothrips stepheni Reyes, 1994

Panchaetothrips timonii Mound & Postle, 2004