Liothrips (Liothrips) umbripennis

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Nomenclatural details

Phyllothrips umbripennis Hood, 1909: 30.

Liothrips umbripennis mexicana Crawford DL, 1910: 161.

Biology and Distribution

Described from Carbondale, Illinois USA from post oak (P. umbripennis) and Mexico (L mexicanus).


Hood JD (1909) Two new North American Phloeothripidae. Entomological News 20: 28–32.

Crawford DL (1910) Thysanoptera of Mexico and the south II. Pomona College Journal of Entomology 2: 153–170.

Oneill K, Arnaud PH & Lee V (1971) Lectotype designations for certain species of Thysanoptera described by J.D.Hood. Journal of the Washington Academy of Science 61: 24–26.

Type information

Lectotype female (P. umbripennis), National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution, Washington DC.