Liothrips (Liothrips) floridensis

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Nomenclatural details

Cryptothrips floridensis Watson, 1913: 145. [Priesner stated that floridensis "will have to be" transferred to Manothrips, but this was never carried out formally and there is no evidence that floridensis is more closely related to the type species of Manothrips than to that of Liothrips.]

Biology and Distribution

Described from Satsuma, Florida USA from Cinnamon camphor. Recorded from Japan (Okajima, 2006).


Watson JR (1913) New Thysanoptera from Florida. Entomological News 24: 145–148.

Priesner H (1968) On the genera allied to Liothrips of the Oriental fauna II (Insecta-Thysanoptera). Treubia 27: 175–285.

Okajima S (2006) The Insects of Japan. Volume 2. The suborder Tubulifera (Thysanoptera). Fukuoka : Touka Shobo Co. Ltd. pp. 1–720.

Type information

Holotype female, Florida State Collection of Arthropods, Gainesville.