Leucothrips nigripennis

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Leucothrips nigripennis.jpg
Leucothrips nigripennis head
Leucothrips nigripennis hind tibia and tarsus

Nomenclatural details

Leucothrips nigripennis Reuter, 1905: 108.

Microthrips leucus Herrick, 1927: 278.

Sporangiothrips acuminatus Daniel, 1985: 195.

Biology and Distribution

Described from Finland (L. nigripennis), Michigan USA (M. leucus) and India (S. acuminatus).


Reuter (1905) 1904 Ein neues Warrnhaus·Thysanopteron. Meddelelser af Societas pro Fauna et Flora Fennica 30: 106-109.

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Daniel (1985) A new genus and species of fern infesting thrips (Thysanoptera: Insecta) with further notes on Myceterothrips nilgiriensis [Mycertothrips nilgiriensis] (Anan.). Current Science (Bangalore) 54(11): 528-530.

Mound LA (1999) Saltatorial leaf-feeding Thysanoptera (Thripidae, Dendrothripinae) in Australia and New Caledonia, with newly recorded pests of ferns, figs and mulberries. Australian Journal of Entomology 38: 257–273.

Type information

Paratype (?) (L. nigripennis), Finnish Museum of Natural History, Helsinki.