Hoodothrips constrictus

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Nomenclatural details

Astrothrips constrictus Hood, 1925: 51.

Hoodothrips neivai Bondar, 1931: 84. Synonymy in Wilson, 1975.

Tryphactothrips ipomoeae Moulton, 1933: 94. Synonymy in Wilson, 1975.

Hoodothrips nigriflavus Medina Gaud, 1961: 68. Synonymy in Wilson, 1975.

Biology and Distribution

Described from Trinidad from Lantana sp. (A. constrictus), Bahia, Brazil from Acucena sp. (H. neivai) and Ipomoea batatas (T. ipomoeae) and Ciales, Puerto Rico from Brachyrampes intybaceus (H. nigriflavus).


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Type information

Holotype female (A. constrictus), National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution, Washington DC.

Holotype female (H. nigriflavus), Agricultural Experimant Station, university of Puerto Rico.

Holotype female (T. ipomoeae, California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco.

Lectotype female (H. neivai), Illinois Natural History Survey, Urbana.