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A.A. Girault Thysanoptera publications


1. Lese majeste, new Insecta and robbery. Privately published, Gympie, 1pp.


2. Two new Thysanoptera from Queensland. Insecutor inscitiae menstruus 13: 34-35.

3. The banana thrips rust. Queensland Agricultural Journal (N.S.) 23: 471-517.


4. Characteristics of new Australian insects [Refused Publication on Pretext]. Published privately, Brisbane. 2pp.

5. Three new Thysanoptera from Australia. Insecutor inscitiae menstruus 14: 17-18.

6. New pests from Australia II. Privately published, Brisbane, 3pp.

7. New pests from Australia III. Privately published, Brisbane, 2pp.

8. New pests from Australia IV. Privately published, Brisbane, 1pp.

9. New pests from Australia V. Privately published, Brisbane, 2pp.


10. Some new wild animals from Queensland. Published privately. Brisbane [3pp.].

11. New Australian animals so far overlooked by outsiders. Published privately, Brisbane. 2pp.

12. Thysanoptera Nova Australiensis from Queensland. Privately published, Brisbane, 1pp.

13. Thysanoptera Nova Australiensis, II. Published privately, Brisbane, 2pp.

14. Records of Australian Thysanoptera (thrips) Part II. Queensland Agricultural Journal 28: 348-352.

15. A discourse on wild animals. Published privately, Brisbane, 2pp.


16. A prodigeous discourse on wild animals. Published privately, Brisbane, 3pp.

17. Some new Hexapods stolen from authority. Published privately, Brisbane, 4pp.

18. Some Insecta and a New All Highness. (Notes compiled in fear and sorrow). Published privately, Brisbane. 4pp.

19. Notice of a curious professor and of native wasps and woodlice. Published privately, Brisbane, 4pp.


20. North American Hymenoptera Mymaridae. Published privately, Brisbane 29pp.

21. Description of a case of lunacy in Homo and of new six-legged articulates. Published privately, Brisbane, 4pp.

22. New pests from Australia VI. Privately published, Brisbane, 4pp.


23. New pests from Australia VII. Privately published, Brisbane, 3pp.

24. New pests from Australia, VIII. Published privately, Brisbane [5pp.].

25. New pests from Australia, IX. Published privately, Brisbane [2pp.].


26. Hymenoptera, Thysanoptera Nova Australiensis. Privately published, Brisbane, 1pp.


27. New pests from Australia, X. Published privately, Brisbane [6pp.].

28. Hymenoptera, Thysanoptera Nova Australiensis II. Privately published, Brisbane, 1pp.


29. Some beauties inhabitant not of commercial boudoirs but of nature’s bosom, notably new insects. Privately published, Brisbane, 5pp.

30. Some beauties inhabitant not of the boudoirs of commerce but of nature’s bosom - new insects. Privately published, Brisbane, 2pp.


31. Eucharitidae, Cynipidae, Proctotrypidae et Thysanoptera nova Australiensis. Privately published, Brisbane, 2pp