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Genus information

Thrips (Chirothrips) Haliday, 1836: 444. Type species Thrips (Chirothrips) manicata Haliday, 1836, by monotypy.

Agrostothrips Hood, 1954: 1. Type species Agrostothrips guillarmodi Hood, 1954, by monotypy; synonymised by Minaei & Mound, 2010: 34.

Biology and Distribution

Widespread across Old World, in florets of Poaceae.


Haliday AH (1836) An epitome of the British genera in the Order Thysanoptera with indications of a few of the species. Entomological Magazine 3: 439–451.

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Nakahara S & Foottit RG (2012) Review of Chirothrips and related genera (Thysanoptera: Thripidae) of the Americas, with one new genus and four new species. Zootaxa 3251: 1-29.


Chirothrips aculeatus (Bagnall, 1927)

Chirothrips africanus Priesner, 1932

Chirothrips ah Girault, 1929

Chirothrips alexanderae Stannard, 1959

Chirothrips andrei zur Strassen, 1974

Chirothrips atricorpus (Girault, 1927)

Chirothrips azoricus zur Strassen, 1981

Chirothrips capensis zur Strassen, 1958

Chirothrips choui Feng & Li, 1996

Chirothrips cuneiceps Hood, 1940

Chirothrips cypriotes Hood, 1938

Chirothrips egregius zur Strassen, 1957

Chirothrips falsus Priesner, 1925

Chirothrips faurei zur Strassen, 1957

Chirothrips frontalis Williams, 1914

Chirothrips guillarmodi (Hood, 1954)

Chirothrips hamatus Trybom, 1895

Chirothrips hemingi Nakahara & Foottit, 2012

Chirothrips insolitus Hood, 1915

Chirothrips insularis Hood, 1938

Chirothrips kurdistanus zur Strassen, 1967

Chirothrips longispinus Pelikan, 1964

Chirothrips loyolae Ananthakrishnan, 1959

Chirothrips manicatus (Haliday, 1836)

Chirothrips maximi Ananthakrishnan, 1957

Chirothrips medius zur Strassen, 1965

Chirothrips meridionalis Bagnall, 1927

Chirothrips molestus Priesner, 1926

Chirothrips mongolicus zur Strassen, 1963

Chirothrips orizaba Hood, 1938

Chirothrips pallidicornis Priesner, 1925

Chirothrips patruelis Hood, 1940

Chirothrips praeocularis Andre, 1941

Chirothrips pretorianus Hood, 1953

Chirothrips productus Hood, 1927

Chirothrips propinquus zur Strassen, 1967

Chirothrips ruptipennis Priesner, 1938

Chirothrips secalis Moulton, 1936

Chirothrips spinulosus Andre, 1941

Chirothrips tenuicauda zur Strassen, 1963

Chirothrips tibialis (Blanchard, 1851)

Chirothrips watanabei Ishida, 1931