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Genus information

Ceratothrips Reuter, 1899: 65. Type species Ceratothrips trybomi Reuter, 1899, by monotypy, now considered a synonym of Thrips ericae Haliday.

Amblythrips Bagnall, 1911: 10. Type species Amblythrips ericae Bagnall, 1911, by original designation. Synonym in Jacot-Guillarmod, 1974.

Oxythrips (Caenothrips) Hood, 1916: 38. Type species Thrips ericae Haliday 1836, by subsequent designation of Priesner, 1949: 123. Synonym by Priesner, 1949.

Biology and Distribution

One species only, from Ericaceae flowers.


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Ceratothrips ericae (Haliday, 1836)