Cartomothrips browni

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Cartomothrips browni head [L A Mound]

Nomenclatural details

Cartomothrips browni Stannard, 1962: 39.

Treherniella niger Moulton, 1968: 123.

Biology and Distribution

Described from Victoria, Australia on dead wattle branches (C. browni) and New South Wales (T. niger); recorded from New Zealand, Kenya, southern Brazil, and California (Mound & Walker, 2012).


Stannard LJ (1962) Cartomothrips, a new genus based on two species from the Australian region (Thysanoptera: Phlaeothripidae). Transactions of the Royal entomological Society of London 31: 38–40.

Moulton D (1968) New Thysanoptera from Australia. Proceedings of the California Academy of Sciences 36: 93–124.

Mound LA & Walker AK (1982) Faunal relationships between Australia and New Zealand as indicated by Cartomothrips species (Thysanoptera: Phlaeothripidae). Journal of Natural History 16: 305–313.

Mound LA & Walker AK (2012) The Australia-New Zealand connection re-visited, with two new species of Cartomothrips (Thysanoptera, Phlaeothripinae). Zootaxa 3487: 58-64

Type information

Holotype female (C. brownii), Illinois Natural history Survey, Champaign.

Holotype female (T. niger), California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco.