Ankothrips notabilis

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Nomenclatural details

Ankothrips notabilis Bailey, 1940: 101.

Biology and Distribution

Described from California, associated with the flowers of Umbellularia californica (Lauraceae) in spring (Bailey, 1957).


Bailey SF (1940) A review of the genus Ankothrips D.L.Crawford (Thysanoptera). Pan-Pacific Entomologist 16: 97–106.

Bailey SF (1957) The thrips of California Part I: Suborder Terebrantia. Bulletin of California Insect Survey 4: 143-220.

Hoddle MS, Mound LA, Paris DL (2012) Thrips of California. Cd-rom published by CBIT Publishing, Queensland. [1]

Type information

Holotype female, Bohart Museum, University of California, Davis.