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Genus information

Uzelothrips Hood, 1952: 143. Type species Uzelothrips scabrosus Hood, by monotypy.

Biology and distribution

The only known extant species in this genus lives on dead twigs, where it presumably feeds on fungal hyphae. Specimens have been taken widely around the tropics. One fossil species from Lower Eocene amber in France was described in 2013.


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Nel P, Schmidt AR, Bassler C, & Nel A (2013) Fossil thrips of the family Uzelothripidae suggest 53 million years of morphological and ecological stability. Acta Palaeontologica Polonica 58 (3): 609–614.


† Uzelothrips eocenicus Nel & Nel, 2013

Uzelothrips scabrosus Hood, 1952