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Genus information

Stomatothrips Hood, 1912: 63. Type species Stomatothrips flavus Hood, by monotypy.

Biology and Distribution

A genus of eight ant-micking species, mainly from the Neotropics, that are probably all predatory at ground level.


Hood JD (1912) New genera and species of North American Thysanoptera from the South and West. Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington 25: 61–76.

Hoddle HS, Mound LA & Paris D (2012) Thrips of California 2012. [1]


Stomatothrips angustipennis Hood, 1949

Stomatothrips atratus Hood, 1939

Stomatothrips bahamondesi De Santis, 1980

Stomatothrips brunneus Crawford JC, 1940

Stomatothrips crawfordi Stannard, 1968

Stomatothrips flavus Hood, 1912

Stomatothrips rotundus Hood, 1949

Stomatothrips septenarius Hood, 1925