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Genus information

Retithrips Marchal, 1910: 17. Type species Retithrips aegyptiacus Marchal, 1910, by monotypy, synonym of Thrips (Heliothrips) syriacus Mayet, 1890.

Stylothrips Bondar, 1924: 46. Type species Stylothrips bondari Bondar, 1924, by monotypy.

Biology and Distribution

One widespread species, and a second one from Indonesia.


Marchal P (1910) Sur un nouveau "Thrips" vivant sur la vigne en Egypte. Bulletin de la Societe Entomologique d"Egypte 17-20.

Bondar G (1924) Praga das roseiras na Bahia. Correio-Agricola Agricultura, Bahia 2: 46-47.


Retithrips javanicus Karny, 1923

Retithrips syriacus (Mayet, 1890)