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Genus information

Psilothrips Hood, 1927: 198. Type species Psilothrips pardalotus Hood, 1927, by monotypy.

Thamnothrips Priesner, 1932: 2. Type species Thamnothrips bimaculatus Priesner, 1932, by monotypy. Synonym by Priesner, 1949.

Biology and Distribution

From California and Sahel region of Old World.


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Psilothrips bimaculatus (Priesner, 1932)

Psilothrips minutus zur Strassen, 1965

Psilothrips pardalotus Hood, 1927

Psilothrips priesneri (Moulton, 1926)

Psilothrips zygophylli Minaei & Mound, 2015